In Favor of DepEd's 'No Weekend Homework' Policy

The Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) recently issued a memorandum that bans public elementary school teachers from giving their students homework on weekends. The move was of course, criticized by some, teacher's groups in particular, but I as a parent can't help but feel thankful for it. My daughter is studying in a private school so technically, they are not covered. But I am grateful simply because I believe it is a wise move. Keep on reading to find out why.

Children and Cell Phones

The first time I was given a cell phone by my parents was when I entered college at 18. Things have drastically changed since then, as you can imagine. 

Within a span of a few years, our perception of technological gadgets has changed from being luxuries to bare necessities. Which teen today doesn't own an iPod, a PSP, and his own cellular phone? The cell phone alone has become an indispensable technological tool. Parents readily give their children their own units as a way to communicate and keep track of their whereabouts.